Please see this file for information about what has been completed and what is now planned.       2017 Improvement and Enhancement Project information

The next phase of fundraising to improve the hall is now underway.

Improvement to the sewers and outside space to include:

  • Re-configuration of the sewage pipe work to improve flow.       £
  • Re-surfacing at the front following sewage work.                        £
  • Improve the side of the hall to provide usable outside space                              to include a disabled access via the side doors.                         £
  • Maintenance and painting of the outside.                                       £  

We are awaiting quotes for the above and will adjust the thermometer when we have these.

Areas that need updating and more comprehensive work include:

  • Refurbishment of the main floor                   £1,331.72
  • New lighting system for stage                      £1,562
  • Upgrading of fire alarm system                    £1,000                    (to include security locking on front door for child safety) 

A total of £3,893.72 to raise for the 3 above.

The backroom, doors  and windows  are also in need of attention apart from the general yearly upkeep of the hall internally. 

Image0139  Image0145   Image0144               

Telegraph poles being erected to take phone line, we now have broadband.

The Trustees are applying for funding towards the cost of all the above, the first being the sewers, outside space and outside walls.  When funding is applied for we have to show that the community is also supporting the hall.  We are now in need of your support for fundraising events.  These will be advertised on the events page. We will keep you updated with how our efforts are going with the fundraising thermometer which will show on each page of the website.

If you would like to offer help (no matter how small), could organise an event, do something sponsored, would like to take a more involved role as a trustee or you are a business and would like to sponsor the hall please contact us via email      

Thank you.

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