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Offenham Village lies approx. 3 miles to the north  of Evesham town, in Worcestershire.  The village has no through road and nestles in the curve of the river Avon.

Offenham is steeped in history linked with Evesham Abbey and the furthest bank of the river is thought to be the site of Simon de Montfort’s Army’s last stand. A small spit of land here called ‘Dead Man’s Ait’ is the site of many finds of arrow heads and bones.

Dominating the head of Main Street is one of the few remaining, wooden maypoles in the country and along Main Street can be seen the longest thatch in Worcestershire, spanning 7 cottages.

The village is known in the area for its market gardening and following the modern way of growing, much of the land is now under glass. Indeed it is said, on a sunny day and from a higher vantage point, that Offenham glitters where sunlight touches glass.



  1. Lesley says:

    The website does not have an area to do with the parish magazine. Please submit your advertisement to offenhameditorial@ourbenefice.org.uk

  2. Mrs Ann Baldwin says:

    My 3 x great grandparents are on the 1891 and 1901 census as living in Offenham at Knowledge Cottages, Boat Lane. Could you tell me if these cottages still exist, please?

    Many thanks,

  3. Lee Gibson says:

    Hello Folks its me again Dose anyone know anything about what was Called Debdin or Debdale cottage in Laurels Road?
    My Moore family ancestors lived there. I have census returns for the cottage. I just wondered if anyone knows anything about the Moore’s? or the cottage? Giles Moore came from Middle Littleton he died aged 87 in Offenham.
    Warm Wishes Lee Gibson Email classicmotorcycle124@gmail.com
    Medieval and Anglo-Saxon Historian.

    • Ros says:

      Giles Moore is also one of my ancestor. I have done a lot of research already on the Moore family, but cannot find an occupation for Giles. Do you know whether he was a Blacksmith?

  4. Lee Gibson says:

    Dose anyone have any old photos of Moore Family members of Offenham? or Faulk Mill?
    Email Classicmotorcycle124@gmail.com

  5. Lee Gibson says:

    Years ago I went to Aldington siding with my uncle as my Moore family moved there from Offenham .
    Mr Byrd who lived at Aldington siding said there was a chap who worked in his orchard years ago nic named Ginger Moore?
    Dose anyone know him?
    I hope the Offenham website approver doesn’t mind all my posts?
    Thanks Lee Gibson Email classicmotorcycle124@gmail.com

  6. Lee Gibson says:

    Dear Karen I have a book on Offenham it mentions the school house if you’d like a copy of the page just email me Thanks Lee Gibson Email classicmotorcycle124@gmail.com

  7. Tony Ruhl says:

    My family lived at 2 Brighton Cottages, Offenham from 1940 to 1945. My Father, Oliver Henry Ruhl, was a horticulturist and worked in greenhouse nurseries. He was also a watch/clock mender. During the war he was an ARP Head Warden. We had a telephone installed in our house because of this. I attended the village school and won a scholarship to St Henrys Grammar School in Evesham. I used to cycle the four miles from home to school each day with my satchel on my back.

  8. Sue says:

    Hi, I am looking for some historical information on Garden Cottage/The Cottage on Gibbs Rd.
    Was it once part of Avon croft Farm or on the grounds of John Gibbs Manor House or both?
    When was the cottage built please?
    Many thanks.

  9. Ian Beale says:

    I was born in Offenham 67 years ago. We lived in “Broadway View” at the corner of Three Cocks Lane and Main Street. The wooden maypole is the 2nd tallest in England. In about 1970 the maypole was taken down and carried to our back yard for my father (a master plumber & general builder) to strip back to bare wood & repaint. I helped ! The cricket pitch also had a pavilion with a thatched roof. Is it still there ?

  10. Rebecca says:

    Does anyone have any information of American Airforce troops being stationed in Offenham during the latter part of the Second World War? Trying to piece together some family history regarding my mum who is American GI baby with a 19 year old who lives in Offenham.

  11. Craig Gibbins says:

    Does anyone have any information regarding schools in Offenham. Was there a school at the intersection between Ferry and Boat Lane.

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